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Internet filter blocking search

Below is a sample search for "velcro"

A) clicking on A is blocked because when you click the link your computer is actually redirected to one or more 3rd parties that track the link before getting you to the real site.  Somewhere someone (perhaps even multiple "companies") are making $$ off of this click-thru, as a sort of "pay back" for showing you the link first/on top of others, and sometimes these 3rd party sites are hosted overseas or end up hijacking your browser to install adware/spyware or change the homepage, so this link comes up blocked for the protection of your computer.  Notice how this link is inside the "Sponsored Links" section, it means people paid for them to be there.

B) typing the green URL (shown at the bottom of the result) into your browser's address bar will almost always get you to the site (assuming it's not porn, or blocked by some other category) because what's shown in green is the real site, and not some at-risk 3rd party.  Unfortunately, they make it so you can't simply click on the green text, because this defeats the search engine's and/or other 3rd parties from making $$ off of your click.

C) clicking this link works, because although the link was actually a 3rd party tracking the click, the filtering system was able to detect the real site, and took you directly to it, bypassing any/all 3rd parties.  Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn't, the reason has to do with how the 3rd party constructed their link.

D) Most everything in the organic search results (meaning not sponsored) will work (assuming it's not porn, or blocked by some other category) because all these links are direct to the real site.

E) same as A, this was a sponsored link that really goes to a 3rd party before reaching the real site.

The Internet filter is designed to protect your computer, keep information safe/within the company, and prevent the need for cleanup of adware/spyware.  Companies who use Internet filtering have significantly lower help desk calls or service appointments, and often more productive employees.

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