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Used to prevent users from accessing sites via IP address directly
Note: A better method over IE URL Lock (which only works for IE) is to perform "IP in URL blocking" via your firewall/router (see FAQ 115) which would apply regardless of browser.

Download from...
  or moonlightdesign.org/urllock/Main_Page

After installation: Start > Run > gpedit.msc
  Local Computer Policy
    Computer Configuration
      Administrative Templates
        IE URL Lock
  If you don't see it, right-click > Add/Remove Templates... > Add...
    Look in "C:\Program Files\IE URL Lock" or "C:\Windows\inf" and select "IEURLLock.adm" > Open

Configure options per below...    Windows XP or similar depicted, see Windows 7 instead?

In [Paste A] put:  http://blocked.example.com/visit-by-ip-not-allowed  (use the DNS record that resolves to your BlockedIP= site via SimpleDNS)
                   or:  http://block.opendns.com  (if you are using OpenDNS as your upstream DNS provider)
                   or:  about:blank  (if you just want to show a blank page)

In [Paste B] put:  ^http(s)?://\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+(/|$)
                         If you also want to block IPv6 addresses, on the next line, Add...  ^http(s)?://.*:.*:.*:.*(/|$)

Open Internet Explorer, if prompted allow the BHO (Browser Helper Object)
In some cases it may be necessary to open and close IE twice before these settings take effect.

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