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Originally designed for wireless hotspots in hotels, cafes, schools and libraries; DNS Redirector was one of the first to offer captive portal and Internet filtering for family-friendly venues. Today it's used by small businesses and large enterprises alike.
DNS Redirector captive portal software is sold with or without the option for Internet filtering and runs on a Windows server within your guest LAN. Redirect users to a welcome page such as terms and conditions, legal agreement/disclaimer, account login, or an advertisement/announcement the first time they try to browse the Internet on your network. Or choose to redirect all web traffic to your important notice such as in case of emergency (weather/public safety issue), AUP violation, closed network, or during maintenance.
DNS based filtering works for any protocol (http, https, ftp, mms) and not just web surfing in a browser but for any software that does a DNS lookup to communicate (IM, email, video conferencing/streaming, even viruses and malware).
With DNS Redirector you don't have to modify or install anything on the end-user's device. Works with any TCP/IP client device, providing the freedom to use whatever wireless access points, switches, or routers that you want. The software can be configured to log visitors IP, MAC address, date and time, and all DNS lookups. Forwards all allowed DNS queries on to your internal DNS server(s), your ISP, or Google DNS / Norton DNS / OpenDNS.
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