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FAQ 91: Set Microsoft DNS service to a single IP

Category: Initial setup

When running DNS Redirector on the same server that is your internal DNS server, such as your Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller (DC), you must set each service to listen on a separate IP.


Add a second IP address (to the same NIC) under TCP/IP properties > Advanced button

Set this new IP for ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini

Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > DNS

Right-click on the server name and select Properties

Under the Interfaces tab...
Listen on: Only the following IP addresses:
In Windows 2003 and below, ensure only the original server IP appears in the list box (as shown here)
In Windows 2008 and above, ensure only the original server IP appears checked (as shown here)

Under the Forwarders tab...
Verify your ISP's DNS server(s) are specified here, optionally use Google DNS

Close all dialog boxes/management consoles and then restart the DNS Server service (in some cases you may need to restart the server)
This prevents the Microsoft DNS service from using the new IP address.

Ensure your DHCP scope hands out only the new DNS Redirector ListenOnIP= to client computers.
DNS resolution is: Client > DNS Redirector > Microsoft DNS service > forward to ISP

Servers should continue to use the original IP of the Microsoft DNS service.
DNS resolution is: Server > Microsoft DNS service > forward to ISP

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