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FAQ 89: Use to enforce mobile users corporate security

Category: No-Internet

You can use DNS Redirector to ensure company laptops always use their VPN when at home or away from the office. This way, the corporate VPN policy for Internet use and email is always enforced on the laptop. Basically ensuring the laptop is only used for business purposes.

Install DNS Redirector on the company-owned laptop and follow the instructions to configure all network adapters (except the VPN adapter) with for the DNS server.

Create a blocked.txt file and put just a . (period) in it on the first line, this blocks everything.

Create an allowed.txt so your internal domain name(s) and VPN endpoint hostname are accessible, for example:

Both of these files should be in the DNS Redirector working directory (usually C:\DNSREDIR) and specified in dnsredir.ini as:

Set DNS Redirector to run as a service.

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