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FAQ 79: What part of a URL is the domain name?

Category: Troubleshooting

Only domain names are matched in keyword lists in DNS Redirector.

As an example, these are all URLs...


            www.example.com   ...is the domain name

The domain name will always start at the begining of a URL, right after the second / and end before the third /

These characters  / \ | : ; ' " ` ~ ! ? @ # $ % ^ & * + = ( )   ...cannot be in any domain name
These protocols  http://  https://  ftp://  mms://   ...are not part of the domain name*
A port declaration  :3128  :8080   ...is not part of the domain name*
Records with .. (two periods or more in series) are invalid and won't get resolved by DNS
HTTP Header or Content-Types are not resolved by DNS

The domain name is the only part of the URL to get resolved by DNS, and therefore the only part matched by keyword lists in DNS Redirector.
*use firewall rules to block whole protocols, ports, and content-types; none of these are a function of DNS.

Which means the plain keywords:  www.example.com  -or-  .example.com  -or-  example.com  -or-  example  ...are all acceptable.
However, a regex statement might be a better choice: ^(.*\.)?example\.com$
DNS Redirector lists accept plain keywords and regex statements only.

When copy/pasting/merging lists remember that one keyword must appear on each line, the file cannot contain any spaces, nor any blank lines (except for the last line).

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