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FAQ 77: Logon script integration

Category: BlockedIP function

Using a logon script can allow some users to browse the Internet without the restrictions imposed by DNS Redirector.

This is one way to toggle "authorization to surf" or "bypassing the block" when a user logs on.


The logon script is usually found in \\DC_server_name\NETLOGON\login.bat and specified under the user account Profile tab.

Change the domain name pinged in the example below to match what you have specified in authorized.txt or bypassblock.txt

- - - - - START login.bat - - - - -
NET USE H: \\server1\users$\%username%
NET USE P: \\server1\public$

if "%username%"=="mark" goto toggle
if "%username%"=="Mark" goto toggle
if "%username%"=="MARK" goto toggle

ping secret.example.com -n 1
- - - - - END login.bat - - - - -

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