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FAQ 72: Using 3rd party keywords

Category: BlockedIP function

Several entries in 3rd party lists will be redundant and already included in our keyword lists.

You can add more domains to your blocked.txt file, or if using updater.exe to your blocked-custom.txt file.

Note that with HOSTS files each site must be individually specified as the fully-qualified-domain-name, this is inefficient and can miss blocking bad sub-domains.
With DNS Redirector the full or partial domain name, a keyword, or a regex statement can be used.

To make 3rd party files compatible with DNS Redirector...
no lines can have "" or some other IP address
no lines can have "localhost"
no lines can have characters / \ | : ; ' " ` ~ ! ? @ # $ % ^ & * + = ( ) ...any of these suggest a URL
no lines can have http:// https:// ftp:// mms:// ...use the domain name part only
no lines can have .. (two periods or more, in series) not valid and won't get resolved by DNS

The domain name is the only part of the URL to get resolved by DNS.

Which means "www.example.com" or ".example.com" or "example.com" are all acceptable keywords, with the last being the most thorough for blocking.

When manually merging lists remember that one keyword must appear on each line, the file cannot contain any spaces, nor any blank lines (except for the last line).

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