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FAQ 70: DNS Redirector software vs. SaaS or cloud offerings

Category: Initial setup

DNS Redirector software you install on your own servers, meaning uptime is the responsibility between your IT department and your ISP.

Services like DNS Advantage, Norton DNS, and OpenDNS are SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud services. This actually adds complexity and more points of failure. Uptime is the responsibility of not only your IT department and ISP, but thousands of Internet peers (routers/datacenters and the companies that manage them) and finally the service provider.

DNS Redirector software offers some unique features the others don't...
- temporarily bypass the block on a per-client basis (sites resolve direct, no proxy problems)
- logging of sites visited/blocked with per-client detail
- fully customize/brand your welcome or blocked pages (100% your HTML, samples provided)
- block everything and allow just a few sites (whitelist only)
- block advertisements and other sources of spyware/malware
- display an emergency or network down message (no Internet)

A comparison is available at dnsredirector.com/compare

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