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FAQ 7: Can't visit the real website after being redirected

Category: RedirectIP function

After being redirected from a website or homepage, you can't visit that site normally.


The browser may be caching the page.

A DNS lookup for the real website is not done again until the browser is closed and opened.


Your welcome page(s) hosted at the RedirectIP= must contain all the no-cache meta tags as shown in our example pages.

Implement the Cache-Control HTTP Header as described under Readme: Hosted Pages.

Since all modern browsers maintain their own DNS cache, the last page of your welcome site should include the message:
"To begin surfing freely please close all browser windows"

Restarting the browser flushes the cache of the redirected IP and forces the browser to do a DNS lookup for the site's real IP, the user's homepage or site they were trying to visit will then be accessible.

When testing redirection on the same client machine repeatedly, the machine may cache DNS records which leads to confusion/not toggling authorization. See FAQ 12 to flush the local machine's DNS cache or restart the computer between each test.

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