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FAQ 67: Internet down, so show everyone a message

Category: No-Internet

An ISP customer asks, how can we redirect all our users to a page explaining the Internet is down and we're working on it? (so hopefully everybody won't call us)

Method 1) Use this sample alert notice, Download: alertnotice.zip
Basically, it pings something (default gateway, an upstream router, or upstream DNS server) and when it finds that IP isn't responding it copies in an alternate dnsredir.ini and restarts the .exe thereby resolving everything to a site you choose. See the readme included in the .zip to adapt it to your needs.

Method 2) Use a software package such as ipMonitor or PRTG to email/SMS you that there is a problem then copy in a new .ini and restart DNS Redirector so all users get redirected to a page explaining the Internet is down. This implementation needs to be done such that the server running the monitoring package can notify you AND/OR reach the DNS Redirector server to make the change. In some cases it may be necessary to run two monitoring packages, inside and outside of the network, in order to accomplish this.

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