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FAQ 64: Further customize OpenDNS

Category: BlockedIP function

OpenDNS allows some customization of their various blocked/guide pages, but what if you'd rather use your own page entirely?

DNS Redirector allows you to customize your own blocked page with...
- an email form (or other automated means) allowing end-users to inform/request the IT department unblock a site
- instructions on who to contact for assistance
- company logo
- company Internet usage policy
- messages like "restricted by company policy" or "Internet use monitored by..."
- all white-space or "page cannot be found"
- no 3rd party advertisements
- 100% your own HTML served by your own web server

If using updater.exe check the option "Include keywords aiding lack of NXDomain" to suppress the OpenDNS guide/block/adult/phish page. Any such site will result in your blocked page instead.

Additionally, you could add the domains below to your blocked.txt file, or if using updater.exe to your blocked-custom.txt file.

To suppress/change the page indicating that you're using OpenDNS:

To prevent OpenDNS applications, such as IP Updater:
(if you do this, determining which OpenDNS data center you are routed to, or using the OpenDNS Diagnostic application will not return reliable/true results, ensure you disable this before working with support personnel)

To prevent access to any OpenDNS site, including forums and domain tagging:
(if you do this, an individual computer can get to the OpenDNS dashboard by using the bypass block method of your DNS Redirector blocked site, or from another network without the restrictions imposed by DNS Redirector)

This works assuming OpenDNS is configured upstream as the real DNS server, as described in FAQ 40.

Note: After 9 years OpenDNS has finaly conceded that ads and security don't mix, as a result there is no guide page and you will get NXDOMAIN and SERVFAIL responses, therefore some information in this article is no longer applicable.

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