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FAQ 63: Display a message on a Betabrite LED sign

Category: Action functions

In this sample we use a 3rd party software program called kitchi to display information on the sign after a client has joined or left the network...

More info on the Betabrite Prism LED sign at betabrite.com
(In the US, we have found these available at Costco)

1) Download and install Microsoft's .Net v1.1 and SP1
2) Download: kitchi and install
3) Download: JoinAction-ledsign.zip and extract to the C:\DNSREDIR working directory.
4) Update your dnsredir.ini so...
5) Open kitchi and load the C:\DNSREDIR\ledsign.kcx file. In this sample the Output is pre-configured to display on a Betabrite Prism LED sign connected via USB, modify the Output for your particular sign. Click Start.
6) Run DNS Redirector and have a client join, by default the following message will be displayed on the sign...
Client with IP %1 joined the network at %time% on %date% so there are now %C% clients online!

The process works like this: DNS Redirector kicks off the ledJoin.bat file, which writes a sentence to ledsign.txt
Kitchi detects that the ledsign.txt file has changed (checking every 2 seconds) and then communicates the sentence in ledsign.txt to the sign
ledcount.txt is used by the .bat files to keep track of how many clients are online, which is used in the %C% variable to display this number on the sign
%1 is passed to the command-line by DNS Redirector, and contains the IP of the client who just joined or left

To reset the LED sign, run ledReset.bat
1) create a shortcut to ledReset.bat and add it to your Startup folder
2) add ledReset.bat to the end of your updaterdone.bat
...this way when the machine running DNS Redirector gets rebooted or keywords updated, the display of clients joining the network will start correctly from zero.

NOTE: There is now a new way to do this, allowing you to keep a continual/looping message on the sign, and then interrupt with a message from DNS Redirector as the JoinAction or LeaveAction happens, see kitchi commandline option

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