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FAQ 61: Show the number of clients on LED digits

Category: Action functions

Our LED digits can be used to display the number of clients online.

Download: JoinAction-leddigit.zip v2.0.0.0 r06/09/2010
Extract to the same folder as your DNS Redirector installation

Modify count.ini as follows:
ComPort=COM1   ...serial port that the LED digits are connected to
Digits=2              ...how many LED digits; default is 2 or the max is 6

Modify dnsredir.ini as follows:

When connecting to any other computer you could use a Scheduled Task on that computer to run count.exe every 10 minutes, or
define JoinAction= and LeaveAction= on the server to run a .bat which could use psexec.exe to run count.exe on the remote machine.

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