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FAQ 56: Catch-all page for multiple SSID or VPN hotspots

Category: No-Internet

In some instances you may use multiple SSIDs, VLANs, or a VPN client for wireless network security. DNS Redirector can facilitate providing instructions or a download page to end-users who associate with the first open/publicly accessible SSID on how to connect to the second SSID or via VPN.

On the 1st/open network, hand out the DNS Redirector ListenOnIP= as the default DNS server for all associated clients to obtain via DHCP. Use the SimpleDNS= function with an asterisk record pointing to the IP of a website in IIS where you will provide instructions on downloading and connecting via VPN, or associating to another SSID. When any user opens their browser and tries to visit a website, they'll instead be redirected to your site with instructions. Any other Internet dependant applications, such as IM or email, will be unavailable. An active Internet connection or upstream DNS server(s) specified in DNSServerIP= is not required for this functionality.

On the 2nd/private network, you might use a separate instance of DNS Redirector to restrict/filter Internet activity, or ensure that the user cannot reach some sites without first being connected via VPN (thereby using a different, internal, DNS server).

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