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FAQ 52: Using updater.exe to automatically get new keywords

Category: Initial setup

Note: This article is for DNS Redirector software.

Used to update the Internet filtering capability of DNS Redirector; it can retrieve keyword lists from our site, 3rd party sites, your own custom files, and then combine the lists.

The latest version of updater.exe is: v2.1.0.8 r10/15/2012 (requires .NET Framework 4.x)
Please contact support, an upgrade is free to all valid license holders.

How to upgrade to the latest version...
- Right-click on the file you obtained from support
- Select Properties
- Click the Unblock button (if this button is not present just proceed), then OK
- Extract to the working directory C:\DNSREDIR replacing all files
- Delete the UpdaterCache folder (it will get re-created automatically on the next run)
- Run updatersetup.bat, verify your block list selections, press OK
- Verify your scheduled task is set to run updater.exe once a day*
- Optionally, run updater.exe to do an update now

updater.exe assumes BlockedKeywordsFile=blocked.txt in dnsredir.ini (because blocked.txt is the output file) and that you're using DNS Redirector v7 or later.

Don't add your own keywords to blocked.txt directly because they will be overwritten when the update is run. For this purpose, create a blocked-custom.txt file in the working directory and specify this filename under "Include these custom files:" then check the box beside it so it gets incorporated into blocked.txt

When updater.exe is run the download and merge procedure will start (unless it's never been configured before, in which case the selection GUI is shown)
When updatersetup.bat is run the selection GUI is shown, click OK to save any changes.
Any time you change your block list selections you should delete the UpdaterCache folder to ensure subsequent update accuracy.

Highly recommended...
- Check "Consolidate redundant keywords"
   This removes duplicate lines and keywords superseded by another keyword/regex, making the block list more efficient and lowering memory usage.
- Pick Update from server "http://updt.dnsredirctrl.com"
   This is hosted on Amazon S3 for redundancy and global availability.

Checking "Run updaterdone.bat when done" will restart the service when done (suggested)
With DNS Redirector v7 a restart is not required, the new blocked.txt will be reloaded automatically. However in some cases restarting can free up server memory and has the benefit of "forgetting" all clients so they must become authorized and/or bypass the block the next day.

Other examples you might use the updaterdone.bat file for...
- stop the exe, copy in an alternate .ini set to block everything, then start, manually change to the updated list later
- send an email that the update was done, attaching the log, manually change to the updated list later
- copy the latest blocked.txt to other servers
- restart processes locally/remotely using pskill.exe, psexec.exe or sc.exe
- stop and start multiple services

Use a scheduled task to run updater.exe every X days...
*Usually late at night (after 11pm CST is suggested, when your network is least active, no advantage to running it more than twice a day)
Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler
...define the program as C:\DNSREDIR\updater.exe and the start in or working directory as C:\DNSREDIR

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