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FAQ 49: What makes DNS Redirector different/better?

Category: Initial setup

Our blocking keywords contain data from over 18 different sources and include predictive blocking. For example; the keyword "antivir" prevents scare-ware and ransom-ware that appear to offer virus scan software, and the keyword "xxx" prevents access to pornography. These two keywords alone block thousands of sites and provide future protection against domains that aren't even registered yet. Greatly improve network security by blocking ccTLD's and GeoTLD's that are not relevant to your business. Other products require huge lists of fully qualified domain names to block, and/or subscription fees. Our list are provided free-of-charge to all users of DNS Redirector.

The welcome, blocked, or other pages implemented by DNS Redirector can be served by IIS, Apache, or any industry standard web server software you choose; allowing limitless customization of your pages and authorization process. Other products/SaaS offerings require use of their own web server or are branded with advertisements.

Nothing needs to be modified, installed, or set on client computers that already use DHCP.

DNS Redirector only manipulates DNS and nothing else; this keeps network access speed as fast as possible. Other products use a proxy and/or proprietary MAC address rules; which can slow or even prevent access depending on browser settings, security toolbars, corporate VPN software, or personal firewall software.

Unlike other products that release weekly/monthly patches; DNS Redirector just plain works and at an affordable price.

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