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FAQ 40: Use with OpenDNS

Category: Initial setup

For everything to work as expected, OpenDNS must be last in the chain that DNS requests are forwarded to. Wherever you would normally specify your ISP's DNS Server(s) you can substitute and use OpenDNS.


In some corporate environments, incorrectly specifying a OpenDNS server for DNSServerIP= in dnsredir.ini may result in loss of connectivity to internal servers, Intranet's, or impede the ability to logon to a Windows NT or Active Directory (AD) based domain (very slow logon after CTRL+ALT+DEL).


Depending on your implementation, DNS should work like this...

Public HotSpot:
Client laptop > DNS Redirector > OpenDNS

Corporate LAN:
Client workstation > DNS Redirector > Internal/Active Directory DNS > OpenDNS

Note that because of the way OpenDNS works (features such as typo correction, and search suggestions for mispelled or even non-existant domains) all DNS lookups resolve and are pingable. Realize that in some cases this is really the OpenDNS web server responding and not the true target/destination of the lookup.

Note: After 9 years OpenDNS has finaly conceded that ads and security don't mix, as a result there is no guide page and you will get NXDOMAIN and SERVFAIL responses, therefore some information in this article is no longer applicable.

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