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FAQ 4: ListenOnIP error when starting the software

Category: Initial setup

A) Another program or service running on the computer is using the same ports as DNS Redirector

B) The value for ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini is not set to a valid system IP address

An error might appear in any of the C:\DNSREDIR\DailyLogs files such as:
[Initialize] Could not start listening on ...
[Initialize] DNS Redirector v7.x.x.x could not start ...


If Microsoft's DNS service, found on some internal DNS servers, such as your Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller (DC), is installed see FAQ 91.

Check that the DNS Redirector service (dnsrsvc.exe) is not already running.

Check that the value for ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini is set to an IP address actually assigned to the local NIC.

In DNS Redirector v7 UDP port 53 must be free and other free ports will be dynamically allocated.
In earlier versions UDP ports 53 and 3010 must be free.

Use tcpview to find other software using the ports required by DNS Redirector. If other software is monopolizing these ports, try configuring that software to use a dedicated system IP address. Then specify a second system IP address and use it for the ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini (it is not necessary, nor advised, to add another NIC: Add multiple IP addresses to the same NIC under the Advanced button in TCP/IP properties)

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