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FAQ 24: Unable to specify single DNS server on Linksys hardware

Category: Troubleshooting

Although Linksys devices will allow you to specify an internal IP for the DNS server, the unit may give out additional DNS servers to LAN clients via DHCP. DNS Redirector must be the sole DNS server used by clients.


The Linksys device is attempting to be helpful by providing additional DNS servers for redundancy. The other DNS servers are being populated from the WAN/Internet interface, which usually indicates an ISP connection with a dynamic IP.


Method 1: Specify the IP you have in ListenOnIP= for all 3 DNS Server IP fields on the Linksys admin page, leaving none of them with or blank.

Method 2: Give the machine running DNS Redirector 3 IP addresses, for example, ...0.3, and ...0.4,
leave ListenOnIP= set blank which will cause DNS Redirector to listen for DNS queries on every system IP address,
then specify, ...0.3, and ...0.4 in the DNS Server IP fields on the Linksys admin page.

Method 3: Disable or turn off DHCP service in the Linksys device and use Microsoft's DHCP service available on any server OS.

Method 4: Use an alternative firmware on the Linksys device such as Tomato or DD-WRT.

Method 5: Use a different firewall/router.

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