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FAQ 166: Not all sites are blocked correctly

Category: BlockedIP function

Sites that you expect to be blocked are not blocked.


- Check that your AllowedKeywordsFile= does not contain a keyword that is overriding your BlockedKeywordsFile=
To assist in finding this problem set Logging=Full in dnsredir.ini, re/start the software, then scroll to the bottom of today's log file for more information.

- Disable IPv6 on the client device and/or turn off any IPv6 DHCP server on the network
If an IPv6 DNS server is reachable, it will resolve queries ahead of DNS Redirector on IPv4. Otherwise you will need to assign a valid IPv6 address to the DNS Redirector server, and for ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini, and set that IPv6 address as the default DNS server that clients will use. Note that IPv6 is often safe to disable, your computer will use Teredo to reach IPv6 sites (ensure that UDP port 3544 is open outbound for Teredo to function)

All keyword lists need to have at least one non-regex keyword present; at least 1 line not starting with ^

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