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FAQ 165: Use DHCP option 15 to set a DNS suffix

Category: RedirectIP function

The ability to display a welcome page before the user's device can get Internet access (captive portal) does not work on some client devices unless a DNS suffix is defined for the network. Some Apple iOS and Android versions will not detect the presence of a captive portal and simply report Internet is broken/not working, unless the network DHCP server provides a DNS suffix.


For Windows server...
Administrative Tools > DHCP > Expand server name > Expand IPv4
Select: Server Options, right-click: Configure Options...
Pick: 015 DNS Domain Name and enter String value: wireless.example.com
You may also need to do this under the active DHCP Scope

For Zywall USG series...
Under Interface (LAN1 for example)
DHCP Setting
Extended Options
   Option: User Defined
   Name: domain-suffix
   Code: 15
   Type: Text
   Value: wireless.example.com

For Peplink Balance series...
LAN > DHCP Server Settings
Extended DHCP Option
   Option: 15. DNS Domain Name
   Value: wireless.example.com

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