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FAQ 164: Set different DNS servers via DHCP MAC filtering

Category: BlockedIP function

Using a DHCP policy can allow some users to browse the Internet without the restrictions imposed by DNS Redirector.

This is one way to assign different DNS servers to different users.


See Scope-level Link layer filtering using DHCP Policies in Windows Server 2012/2016

Create at least two DHCP scopes, one using your internal DNS server (the same IP specified for DNSServerIP= in dnsredir.ini)
and the other using the DNS Redirector service IP (the same IP specified for ListenOnIP= in dnsredir.ini)
Note: You may need to reduce the size of your current pool of addresses, in order to leave some for the second pool. The same IP cannot exist in both scopes.
Then apply a new policy under each scope that allows or denies a certain MAC address from obtaining an IP from that scope.

You could also use this method to assign different DNS Redirector instances to different devices, thereby creating different filtering policies.

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