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FAQ 153: Using the suggested welcome site in IIS

Category: RedirectIP function

The sample welcome -suggested.zip can be implemented in the following ways...

- Simply redirect to a publicly hosted website, with or without authorizing the user device to reach the Internet
- Display your corporate website (or a special public site/page used just for HotSpots) and authorize the user device to reach the Internet
- Prompt users for a common password before they can reach the Internet (such a password provided by your receptionist or a sign on the wall)
- Ask users to fill out a survey - Ask users to agree to a terms of service statement

Extract the .zip to the directory of your "welcome" site (usually C:\inetpub\welcome)

Configuration is done by editing \global.asa as instructed in the file

Application("PublicWebsite") does not have to be set to a domain name starting with "www."
It can also include a path such as "www.example.com/folder/page5.htm"
When specifying an external site, the domain must be listed in your AlwaysKeywordsFile= to allow it to resolve to the Internet (even before the user device is authorized) otherwise the redirect is stuck in a loop.

If enableing the survey, accounts IIS_IUSRS and IUSR must be granted NTFS modify permission to the \data.csv file

Modify \askterms.asp with your own Terms of Service statement

Modify \okdone.asp to display a custom message or other information once the user device is authorized

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