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FAQ 152: Problems with Server 2012 or 2016

Category: Troubleshooting

DNS Redirector v7.2.0.11 and later are fully supported on Windows Server 2012 and 2016, however some customers have reported a few issues with installation...

The installation appears to hang at...
   Configuring Windows features
   Configuring Internet Information Services
Solution: be patient as the install will complete. On slow systems or those with many updates installation of the extra Windows components may take awhile.

When visiting any site you get:  HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable
Solution: verify that in IIS, under each application pool, the .NET Framework is set to v4.0
Solution: verify that no other software is running a website on port 80.

Batch files or other software won't run because it needs administrator privileges, even though you are logged on as a user with admin rights.
Solution: right-click on the file and pick "Run as administrator"

Batch files that contain %CD% (normally meaning use the Current Directory) sometimes have problems finding the current directory.
Solution: use the latest batch files distributed with the software, or find/replace %CD% with the actual directory, for example C:\DNSREDIR

User Account Control (UAC) should be disabled.
Solution: disable it

Virus scan software should be excluded from real-time scans of the working directory.
Solution: disable it

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