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FAQ 149: Device Self-Registration

Category: RedirectIP function

The Device Self-Registration website, useful in BYOD environments, requires your employees and/or students to register their device before they can gain network access.
The end-user is asked to provide the following information:

- Employee or student ID number
- First name
- Last name
- Type of device

See sample screenshots

The site saves this information along with the current IP of their device, MAC address, browser user-agent (useful to determine the device type or patch level) and last seen date/time. When the end-user returns to the network the next day, they need only enter their ID number (assuming they have already registered that device) The site allows administrators to deny any device from returning, or deny a user from registering any more devices. You can also search for devices by IP or MAC, see all the devices a user has registered, and see which devices are most popular.

Download: welcome -devicereg.zip
The latest is: v2.1 r05/12/2014

Right-click the .zip file you just downloaded:
  Select properties
  Click the Unblock button (if this button is not present just proceed), then OK
  Extract the contents to C:\inetpub

Follow the instructions in C:\inetpub\devicereg\App_Data\readme.htm

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