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FAQ 148: Quickly change your network preferences

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To be authorized on a wireless hotspot the user's device must be able to obtain a DHCP lease including your DNS server. Some users may come onto your network with a DNS server set statically on their machine, which may render them unable to surf.

Windows (XP and later):
Start > Run > cmd
netsh int ip delete dns "Local Area Connection" all
netsh int ip set dns "Local Area Connection" dhcp
netsh int ip delete dns "Wireless Network Connection" all
netsh int ip set dns "Wireless Network Connection" dhcp

...the connection names must match each network adapter in the PC.
You could add these commands to a batch file along with a desktop shortcut to make it easy for the user to switch.

Apple users:
Setup a network location named "HotSpot" where the DHCP and DNS is set to automatic.
Then change to these settings easily by selecting Apple menu > Location > HotSpot

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