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FAQ 139: What to name your SSID

Category: Everything else

Many admins are asking us if there is a standard to naming your wireless network, we don't know of any set standard but here is our suggestion.

If the network is for free wireless Internet, and provided by a company named Contoso, then the SSID would be...

If you don't want your access point used by Google Location Service add _nomap to the end...

If the network is paid access...

If the network is for internal use only you should identify it as such, and in a way so it will appear lower in the list than a public network...

Ideally, an internal network would use a WPA2 key and have SSID broadcast set disabled so this name won't appear to most users, however it should not be assumed it is completely hidden to those that know what they're doing.

To ensure compatibility with different client devices the SSID should not be more than 31 characters.

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