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FAQ 138: Non-payment notice

Category: No-Internet

A wireless ISP says he's using DNS Redirector to give non-paying customers a chance to pay-up and instantly restore service, all without placing a support call...

Once a month he makes a list of all the customers who haven't paid, then goes into their wireless radio and changes the DNS server there to be the IP of the DNS Redirector server. The DNS Redirector server is implemented as a standard captive portal, redirecting all web requests to a "You haven't paid, would you like to do so now?" page. The only sites the user is allowed to visit are the ISPs site and PayPal. After a successful payment, the user is marked as authorized in DNS Redirector and can surf freely. Later that night he reviews the PayPal emails from people who recently paid, then goes back into the customer's radio and puts back the normal DNS server.

DNS Redirector staff believes this system is infinitely more friendly and empowers the customer to correct their own oversight, rather than place a support call to complain their service isn't working.

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