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FAQ 137: Use for self-guided tours

Category: No-Internet

In 2011 a customer let us know they're using DNS Redirector to facilitate a self-guided tour at their historical property (this would also work for museums or art galleries), the system works like this...

Guests arrive at a sign which asks them to use their mobile device and connect to an open wireless network, then visit www.example.com This wireless network has no Internet connection, patrons can only access the website running locally on the DNS Redirector server. No matter where the user tries to surf, they are redirected back to www.example.com which contains bullet points or links describing the other areas they should visit. For example, when the user arrives at a sign labeled "This is area 4, use your mobile device to select area 4 now" the webpage could display text/picture information about the exhibit, or link to audio/video which will play on the user's device.

DNS Redirector staff would like to thank those who implement this type of system; besides being all-around cool and providing rich information, visitors no longer have to be afraid of germs or lice from using typical rented audio headsets.

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