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FAQ 123: How to configure the SWMonDNSR Service

Category: Initial setup

The SWMonDNSR Service is used to change the DNS Redirector configuration based on a key switch, other hardware dry contacts, or a network fault. See WebRelay usage examples.

1) Install .NET Framework 4.x

2) Install SWMonDNSR Service

3) Make a copy of your dnsredir.ini file named dnsredir-backup.ini

4) Make a copy of your dnsredir.ini file named dnsredir-red.ini

5) dnsredir-red.ini will be put into effect whenever the keyswitch is put in the Red position, modify this to do what you want.
ExampleA: Use SimpleDNS= with an asterisk record to resolve everything to an "Internet Off" message
ExampleB: Use BlockedKeywordsFile= with just a . in it to block everything, see FAQ 5

6) Modify C:\SWMONDNSR\swmondnsr.ini with the correct IP and password of your switch hardware,
other settings have been pre-configured for use with DNS Redirector

7) Ensure your switch hardware is in the Green position.

8) Start the SWMonDNSR service
...or do this via command-line: sc start swmondnsr

When the key is put in the Red position, dnsredir-red.ini is put into effect.
When the key is returned to the Green position, the original dnsredir.ini is returned to operation.

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