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FAQ 114: Advert block list does not include some ccTLD's

Category: BlockedIP function

The list: Advertisements / spyware / badware

+ included are numerous 3rd party ad servers, many of which lead to spyware / badware
+ included are all known bad domains except those ending with the below country-codes

- not included are domains ending in the following ccTLD's
Note: Domains ending with these ccTLD's are constantly being registered and used to distribute spyware/badware. Therefore, you should block all domains ending with these ccTLD's (and any/all other countries your organization doesn't conduct business in) per FAQ 106. This is most secure, but may require you to whitelist more sites that you actually use.

...compare that to...

The list: All confirmed spyware / badware

+ included are only confirmed bad domains, at any TLD (includes all ccTLD's)

- not included are domains of legitimate 3rd party ad servers

...so in other words...

Most effective for network security is to check the 1st list, and implement a ccTLD block per FAQ 106
Alternatively, you can check both lists to block ads and bad domains at any TLD (without having to also implement a ccTLD block)
Or, check only the 2nd list to block domains actively distributing adware, badware, malware, scumware on any TLD

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