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FAQ 105: Sites which do not exist are blocked

Category: BlockedIP function

Sites which do not exist (or entered as a typo) are blocked.


A) BlockResponse=Fast in dnsredir.ini

B) The DNS server specified for DNSServerIP= in dnsredir.ini is redirecting all NXDOMAINs to a site (usually some search/suggestion/guide page) that is blocked by one or more of your blocking keywords. Some ISPs do this, some other free DNS services do this, and OpenDNS used to do it.


A) Set BlockResponse=Lookup in dnsredir.ini (then restart DNS Redirector so changes become active)

B1) Add the domain name of the search/suggestion/guide page to your AllowedKeywordsFile=allowed.txt file

B2) Opt-out of your ISP's "helpfull" DNS response (process varies by ISP, some do not allow opt-out)

B3) Use another DNS server instead of the free service

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