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FAQ 102: Allow DNS Redirector through any firewalls

Category: Initial setup

If a software firewall is enabled on the machine running DNS Redirector some exclusions must be made.
Examples: Windows Firewall, ZoneAlarm, Panda Global Protection (or other virus scan/security suite products that include port blocking)

If a hardware firewall is used some TCP/UDP ports must be allowed through.


If Windows firewall is used the exceptions can be added automatically, right-click on fixFirewall.bat and select "Run as administrator"

When manually configuring a software firewall add exceptions for the program executables:

Allow C:\DNSREDIR\dnsrsvc.exe
Allow C:\DNSREDIR\updater.exe (if using Updater)

If IIS is also installed on this server, you may need to add a port-based exception such as:

Allow TCP port 80 for "IIS"

If a hardware firewall is used ensure the following ports are open:

UDP 53 between the DNS Redirector server and the upstream DNS server (usually your ISP's server on the Internet)
UDP 53 between client computers and the DNS Redirector server
TCP 80 between client computers and the IIS server (usually the same as the DNS Redirector server)

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