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Custom solutions...

 • 1U or wall-mount systems
 • Fanless or DC powered/mobile systems
 • We'll bundle firewall and wireless APs, or integrate with your existing hardware
 • Equipment is pre-configured and shipped to you (contiguous United States only)

    For a solution built to your specifications, please inquire here.

Stock hardware...

  USA customers only please (all prices include shipping within contiguous United States)
  Please allow 5 business days for your order to ship.

   Internet Kill Switch: 
  Key switch (or contact closure) changes DNS Redirector operation
  Use to block all Internet access and/or redirect to an important message
  Locate anywhere, monitored over Ethernet by the DNS Redirector server
  Requires Ethernet connection to PoE switch or via PoE injector [not included]
Key removable in both positions...
     On-wall mounting version (black): $284.99
Single gang faceplate version (white): $284.99
Key removable in green position only...
     On-wall mounting version (black): $284.99
Single gang faceplate version (white): $284.99
No key switch...
Contact closure only: $259.99
   Client Counting LCD Display: 
  May be connected to any PC or the DNS Redirector server
  USB connection provides power and data
  Display line 1:        Online 0000
  Display line 2:  Authorized 0000
  ...fully customizable text, also works with cloud servers
  Color selectable model offers software assignable RGB value
  All units are 4.75" x 2.5" tall, in black plastic
Blue backlight, white text: $154.99
Yellow backlight, black text: $154.99
Color selectable backlight, black text: $172.99
   Client Counting LED Digits: 
  May be connected to any PC or the DNS Redirector server
  Serial connection can be extended up to 160ft over CAT5/6
  Shows clients online or authorized client count
  Digits mount together, ea. is 2.25" x 2.9" tall, in dark red plastic
  Requires nearby outlet for power brick
2-Digits: $124.95
3-Digits: $144.95
4-Digits: $164.95
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